Investing Strategy: Options

I have been following Roseman's Eruptions for some time andalso
subscribe to some services he writes for. Recently, he spoke of the Japanese Yen and how he expects the Yen to rally soon.

Intrigued, I reasearched it more and then purchased some call options on EWJ (Which indexes the Japanese Index) since my purchase, the option has been up as much as 20% and currently down -9%. This option ends in March and we will see how this pans out. I am looking for a 30% gain on these options as my exit strategy. 

Options are a leveraged way to capture large gains on a stock even if the actual stock price only moves a little.  See this further definition - Options Investing

 NOTE: This is an advanced investing strategy and is posted strictly for learning purposes. Those not familiar with options investing should not try to duplicate results.