In Loving Memory

I have been supporting Alex's Lemonade Stand for the past 4 years, here is a letter from her parents on the fourth anniversary of her death. 

In Loving Memory of Alexandra "Alex" Scott, January 18, 1996 -
August 1, 2004

A life cut short, but a legacy that lives on forever...

Dear Friends of Alex's Lemonade Stand,

Four years ago today, we said goodbye to our only daughter Alex, as we held her one last time and watched her peacefully drift away. After fighting cancer for more than 7 years, her body was weakened but clearly her incredible spirit was not.  We were amazed at her ability to greet each good day with a smile and each bad day with a quiet resolve and hope for a better tomorrow. Even at the end of her life, when she was sickest and weakest, her strength of spirit was apparent in her determination to find a cure for other children. 

Sometimes it is hard to believe that it has been four years since Alex died, and at other times we miss her so desperately that it feels like a lifetime.  At the end of her life, we were deeply saddened and extremely scared as we tried to imagine a life without her. It was shortly after her death, that we realized she was still very much present in our lives as we continued to receive letters and donations from supporters all around the world. Today we know that she lives on, not only in our hearts, but in the hearts of everyone she has touched, every stand host who has held a stand, and every child with cancer. 

In our perfect world, Alex would be with us today - healthy, happy, and heading into her teenage years.  However, Alex herself taught us that we should appreciate what we have in our lives, rather than dwelling on what we do not have.  So, in that spirit, we want each of you to know how much we appreciate your support of Alex's Lemonade Stand -- it inspires and comforts us each day to know that Alex's spirit lives on in the legacy of hope you all have continued. 

Please read on to learn about the amazing legacy you are all a part of.

Best wishes,
Liz and Jay