Humble yourselves....

Part of the joy of being a leader in Men's Ministry is that you get to be part of something very special and something that can only be explained by the power of the Holy Spirit.  This past Saturday, I was asked by one of our Facilitators to sub for him because of a personal emergency in his family.  I was more than glad to because I personally enjoy hearing men turn the pages of their Bibles as we open God's word for discussion and for lessons.  Anyway, my intention was to go into the book of Job and also some of the Psalms to talk about a valley (Trial & Tribulation) that I recently was delivered through.  However, I felt prompted, which I believe was by the Spirit, that I opened up the men's Bible studies to any questions, topics and/or themes that guys wanted to talk about.  

The first topic was about work, the second was about our walk and the third topic went right into trials and tribulations and we read some passages through both Job and Psalms and we had a very special day in God's Word.  What I truly enjoyed most about the morning was that there were over 20 guys who were there in collective Spirit to read, pray and sharpen one another in God's Word.

When we are obedient to God's words and we not only hear what they say, but make an effort to do those words and we repent and humble ourselves before our Holy God - he will  use a man like that making everyday things possibly extraordinary in God's Kingdom.

In all things, acknowledge our God and he will make your paths straight!