Home is where the heart is...

I want to apologize to all of you as Lance and I have been away (I am traveling) and have not been as frequent on our posts.  Today, we are going to move back toward our previous posts on purity.  As you all know, life can be very busy and work can be very demanding on a precious time with God and with Family.  Sometimes we can even let the pressures of this world distract us from what, we are who called by Christ, should really be focusing on.  What's_on_your_mind Does this mean that we are not to serve those who we work for on this earth with all of our God-given abilities?  Absolutely not!  Even if we find ourselves in difficult situations and do not like the situations that we are "serving" (working, leisure activities, family demands, etc.,) we still have to serve that calling as we are called to serve God. 

As Christians we are told in Scripture that this World will not be easy.  That we will find trials and tribulations in this life, but that we should not be upset by this, but instead, take pride in the sense that we are being tested.  And in being tested, as we come through the trial or in some cases the tribulation, then we mature as Christians and can move closer to God (Paraphasing the Book of James).  The question that needs to be asked here to all men (Single, Fathers, Dads, Sons, Grandfathers, Widowers, etc) is where is your heart.  Mathew 5:8, "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God." 

Imagine the most beautiful and pure thing that you have ever seen in your life (a scene, a picture, your little girl, your pure son...).  Now imagine what they would look like if they were 120% defiled and left dirty and disgusting and/or violated to the point that it/they could never be returned back to the way you first imagined that image.  That is what was wrong with you and I as sin entered our lives.  To God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and His Holy Word (The Bible) we are condemned through sin and are not able to even enter the same chamber with this impurity.  Yet, God, who loved us so much decided that we needed the only sacrifice that would permanently wash us clean.  That is, once and for all, the old tabernacle would no longer be in need as God was to give us his only begotten son.  Jesus paid it all, if you accept him and believe in him, then you will be saved.  If you have already done that - AWESOME!  Hallelujah!  Glory be to God for your salvation.  Now what?

Sinseparates Purify yourself.  This begins with daily reading of Scripture, daily prayer and repentance of the heart.  This means "death" of the old self as we, being children of God, are now called to be holy priests and prophets and kings in our home, community and work place.  We are kidding ourselves if we think we can serve two masters:  sin and God.  We cannot, because if we continue to defile ourselves, that is our bodies (living temples of God) then we cannot move closer to him and we faily our daily trials and tribulations.  ANd where there is no fruit (of the Spirit - Galatians 5) then there may be no salvation. 

If you and I are serious about God and about our faith in Him, then we need to decide right here and now whether God is more than enough for our needs.  We have to decide if we are going to allow God in all parts of our life, that is, will you allow God to be Lord over our entire life?  Let's get serious about true purity of heart, mind, sould and our strength and allow God to work in our lives through the Holy Spirit who dwells in our hearts.  Remove the impurities (sin) and clean house to allow God to grow us into mature Chrisitans to do his work here on earth.Home is where the heart is
Where is your heart today?