Have you ever been robbed?

Have you ever found yourself a victim of a mugging, a crime or has anybody in your life stolen something from you?  The result of such a deed would make most of us think that justice needs to be served.  That some re-compensation has to be made for the victims in the situation.  Let's think about some of these Ponzi schemes that we see all over the papers varying from the US to Europe to Asia.  Millions upon millions of dollars have been stolen and never to be returned, yet when we put this in perspective of what is man's and what is God's, the argument really seems kind of silly doesn't it?  

Do we rob God of what is rightfully his?  Doesn't God own everything in the heavens and the earth?  When Abraham rescued Lot he was met by the King of Salem, Melchizedek, and was blessed by this High Priest of God and Abraham gave him a tenth of everything.  When the King of Sodom saw this, he asked Abraham to give him the persons and keep the goods for himself, but Abraham said, "I have lifted my hand to the Lord, God Most HIgh, Possessor of Heaven and Earth." (Genesis Chapter 14).  No questions asked, no justifying himself to the God of Heaven and Earth, Abraham did not hesitate and gave 10% of it all to God.  

Who is this King of Salem, Melchizedek_picture   Melchizedek, that Abraham would give him a tithe?  Theologians still argue this point to whether He was Jesus or a truly a King of Peace, but no one debates that either man was a High Priest of God.  Jesus Christ came to this earth for you and I and paid the ultimate price for our salvation - his death and resurrection.  God bought us with a price (his Son) yet for some of us that is not good enough, some still rob him.  At this point, you may say what if they don't have money, what if they lost their job, what if we don't understand their circumstance - I say let's put this in perspective:  Abraham DID NOT HESITATE and he gave 10% of everything and what happened next - GOD BLESSED ABRAHAM!

For some people it may never be an issue of money, but rather, time.  Some may find that they are too busy to devote themselves to God (Reading the Bible, Praying, Quiet Time, Attending church faithfully, discipling others, becoming mature Christians in which we can decipher good from evil instantaneously...).  Whatever the case may be they rob God of time and money and precious resources.  The Spirit of God blesses us with talents (spiritual gifts) and we are to use them to the best of our ability, yet, some of us don't. Why not?  Why do we move through this life trying to create wealth and security here on earth and build up our earthly treasures yet we have a less priority to build up treasure in Heaven?  

I struggle with this because I wonder what more I can be doing?  What more can I do to serve?  Am I living God's will for my life or am I robbing God of what is rightfully his?  I don't have the answer to this, but what I can do is move closer to reading his word, praying more and serving with a joyful heart, and continue to tithe faithfully no matter what that looks like.

What do you think?