Grow into a faithful man (by Unknown)

When I began this Christian walk in Christ I was a child.  My faith was easily tested, for my life had been quite wild. But I had faithful men to pray with me and help me find the way.  They gently nudged and shared the Word and knew just what to say.

I marveled at their wisdom, envied it in fact, As they carried me along and helped me spiritually stay intact.

It was the Holy Spirit in them which gave them love and joy and peace.  And as they loved me because they were loved, my spiritual life increased.

As I read the Word and understood it, (Holy Spirit there again), I came to know and understand that these were faithful Godly men.

Not just because of what they did for me, but for the Spirit in their hearts.  With that help they were faithful and loving, their wisdom to impart.

I wasn't always faithful, I faltered now and then, But I have been lifted up repeatedly by faithful Godly men.

I now strive to be like them, for they strived to follow God's plan.  They loved (and still love) and nurtured to help me grow into a man.

Am I a faithful man?  I hope so, but I'm still climbing towards the throne, Led by faithful Godly men because the way there they've freely shown.

We must no longer be a child but grow into faithful men.  And reach back to help those who are children, when they falter in sin.

Someone did the same for you, a preacher, a father, a friend.  It was a child we were in the beginning; it is a faithful man we must be in the end.

By an anonymous Deacon.