Grease the wheels, prime the pump and dare to dream for a better life

It takes a little warming up



Following up to Lance’s post, I was struck with the idea of just how many marriages out there just seem to be doing okay.  I mean “okay”?  Seriously, is that all that you want from life is okay?  Are you okay with being mediocre in marriage?  Are you okay with being just a mediocre Christian?  Are you okay with just okay?  Surely God wants more from you.  Don’t you want more out of life then just okay? 

Have you ever heard of the expression of “greasing the wheels?”  How about the expression “priming the pump?”  Marriage is a lot like that in the sense that you, as spiritual leader have to do more in the marriage then just mediocrity.  If you are good at sports, then at some point you had to practice to be better.  If you are good at something it is usually not just because you were granted that gift from God that made you great.  Even the best of us continually practice and practice until they can practice no more and they still believe that they can make it better.

What if we say that about our wives?  What if we decided here and now that our wives will get 2nd Best behind us serving and committing our life to Christ.  What if right here and now we said, “Dear Lord, please be Lord over my entire life and I will trust and obey your every precept and desire for my life?”, do you think that God will bless a man that said that prayer and repented of his sinful ways.  What if we committed in our lives right now that from here on out, that God would be number one, our wives would be number two, our kids (if you have them) will be number three and then our jobs and community would be behind that along with our hobbies and other desires.  Imagine with me, just for a moment, what that would look like.

So where do you begin?  Any step of leadership you take toward submitting (trusting and obeying) God would be questionable, at best, to your wives.  And especially any act of kindness or sincerity toward your wife may be suspect if you have always been disingenuous before in the past.  She would probably just think that you are trying to make “nice nice” so you can lure her into your bed.  Don’t go that route.  Instead, just decide here and now that you are going to be a new man in Christ.  Ask him each morning to direct your path and to guide your footsteps and to lead you in the way that will bless your marriage, your family and especially your relationship with him.

If you take this step, then we promise that with daily reading of the Word and daily prayers (daily = throughout the day) then you will reap the reward of a great (not an okay) but a great marriage.

Dare to dream, dream to dare and make those dreams a reality by trusting and obeying the very word of God.