Grace In Action: Conversations with my kids

I wanted to share a bit of evidence of grace working in our parenting and how the Legacy Dad core principles when applied can really make a difference. 

This past week I noticed two different instances, first with my son.  At supper one night we were discussing what the children wanted to be when they grow up.  My son proclaimed "I want to be a professional soccer player."  I then asked why?  My son replied "I believe this is what God wants me to do." I then asked him if he wanted to be a soccer player because he could make a lot of money and be famous?  My son replied "That doesn't matter, it's about what God has planned for me."  I probed further,  I asked my son if he had a job that made little money and he really didn't get a lot of recognition, we that be okay?  To this he said "If that is what God wanted then that would be what I would do."

The second instance happened when I was listening to my daughter and her friend talk about school.  Her friend said "This girl at school is always copying off of my test."  My daughter said "You should tell the teacher."  The friend replied, "Well, nobody sees so it is not a big deal."  My daughter replied "She is cheating and God sees, you should tell your teacher." 

These little times are further evidence that I believe that we have chosen the correct path in the way we raise our children.  The little steps now will pay big dividends in the future.