Goals 2008

I figure it is that time of year again where people make some goals for the new year.  A lot of people make goals but fail to stick to them, I find that writing them down and looking at the goals daily really helps me. 

You also must reverse engineer your goals.  If you want to lose 10 pounds in 2008, you must first learn that that is 0.83 pounds per month.  To do this you would need to sustain a 2000-2500 calorie per day diet and burn 3500 calories extra per month. 

To burn 3500 calories per month you would need to figure out which exercises could you do weekly to ultimately burn those calories and most importantly, you need to pick some exercises that you enjoy doing (hiking, walking with the family, bike riding) and then set up a schedule to do these. 

I often find that the best way to stick to goals is also to write them down and share them with people and have someone who keeps you accountable for these goals.

So here it goes:Goals

My Goals For 2008:

Spiritual - Read the Bible 20 minutes each day, Take a Men's Fraternity course

- Cook meals and do dishes at least 2 nights per week, Go on a date with my wife at least once per month, Spend 30 minutes of quality time per day with each child

- Lose 8 pounds and start running a minimum of 10 miles per week again.

- Replenish Savings after Christmas, Invest $15K Short Term for next Real Estate Investment

Education - Learn French (work related) and read 25 Books this year.

Personal Growth - Manage time better, focus a majority of my time on what's really important, strengthen current friendships and develop new friendships.