GMC and Dude Perfect both say, “Never say never.” What seemingly impossible goal would you like to achieve in your lifetime?


The journey started today. It's the one whereby grandfather Taylor, "Popi," joins Taylor, age 12, and his dad on the rough and wonderful trail to the manhood ceremony of age 13. It's called various things around the world, "Rite of passage" is a popular one and it is a ceremony embraced by cultures anchored in ancient roots and, yet, even if primitive, is compelled by grand hopes of leaving a good legacy.
The event today was Taylor's first Journey Letter from Popi. These are short life sermons delivered sometime on Thursday for a Friday read-and-think. Taylor has the weekend to chat with Dad and Mom and, maybe, younger brothers about the content and the application.
I'll post the first one in the next couple of days. Let's see how he responds. I'll guide him to this blog for his response which is about to take on a new, wild, full, exciting generational whoopila. Father, Father, son, three generations to bring to focus the lessons God had provided us through His World and through the lives we can gratefully say He's guided.
The first title? “The Story.” All the lessons to follow come under The Story, His Story, the one He/They wrote in the Counsel of the Godhead just for Taylor before time began...for such a time as this.

[Post note: Taylor had the flu this week. He managed a horseback ride--he's quite the natural horseman--but not a dialog with his grandfather. No surprise there. I'm sending him installment two, nevertheless. You'll see the first two before my bride and I take off to the naval station beach for a week (taking our home on wheels we live in full time). Then, we'll head up to the family.
Don't want to bore you with our "little" personal stories. But, if they are as stimulating to Legacy Dads, let me know and I'll post them now and then.]
Gary (my revived blog: )

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