Give me Jesus...

Give Me Jesus from Faith Church on Vimeo.

There are often a lot of days when I let the busyness of life distract me from the important things. Things like family and friends and quiet moments in life that stress and worry can never replace.  Things like praise and worship and just spending time with Jesus and really concentrating on that relationship.  Sometimes I let the busyness distract me from a true and loving relationship with my Redeemer.  I have to confess that sometimes I have even forgot my first love - Jesus.  In order for me to be a Spiritual leader of my wife and of my family, then I have to model this relationship with them.  I have to show them what true faith looks like even when there is despair.  I have to show them that it is okay to fail because we have a God of second chances.  

In the Bible, there are so many who testify to this awe inspiring relationship.  In the Book of Job, we read how Job loses everything and yet he says that his Redeemer lives and that his faith will not be shaken.  Joseph, after he is rejected by his brothers and sold into slavery trusts in our God and knows that he will be delivered.  David had the heart of Jesus and spoke of Jesus in Psalms.  His love for his Savior was rivaled by few.  Paul, a murderer, found Jesus (his love) on the Road to Damascus and was transformed by Grace.

I guess what I am really trying to tell myself is that everything else under the sun means nothing if I do not have an eternal relationship with Jesus.  

When we find ourselves in a relationship (A marriage, a friend, a son or daughter, a parent or a mentor/mentee) we have to give that person(s) our time.  We have to give that person(s) honesty and respect.  In order to build that relationship up and into a lasting friendship, we have to give it time (not just quality but also quantity).

I don't just want to do the motions, I want to give Him my all.   Give me Jesus!