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Writer/Publicist Guidelines

Legacy Dad posts are published weekly. That's a great service to our readers—but it also takes a lot of work! To continue providing fresh and dynamic posts we need your help. If you have a story, life lesson or testimony share it with us. It just might show up on Legacy Dad. Read our guidelines below to learn what we're looking for.

Our Purpose

"Helping men to develop Christ-centered perspectives that will transform their lives, their families and their worlds."

Here are the types of articles most likely to be published:

  • Profiles With Teaching Points: Stories that will equip readers with Christ-centered perspectives and help them to grow spiritually. These should be more than historical recaps of an individual’s life. We should learn about them, AND, we should learn from them.
  • Transformation Stories: Men who have experienced 2 Corinthians 5:17: "If anyone is in Christ, he is a new man; the old has gone, the new has come!"
  • Men's Ministry Reports: Profiling church and parachurch ministries presenting a creative, and credible, offer of the Gospel to men.
  • Trends: Investigative reports on issues affecting men today. Informing and equipping Christian men to engage the world with a biblical response.
  • Spiritual Growth: Biblical perspectives on men’s issues that are practical, but not predictable.
  • Faith and Risk: Stories about men who take risks, defy convention and face ridicule for God's glory.
  • Parenting: Stories about parenting and your struggles and victories to become a Godly parent.

We also seek full time writers who wish to publish weekly their thoughts on parenting, religion and anything relating to men.

You do not need to be a polished writer, you simply must have the desire to share.

We do not publish poetry, fiction or sermons.

Please send us your story or details to