Generational Fathering

Time is fun when your having flies :)

For those who haven't noticed, I have not been posting on Legacy Dad lately.  My day job of saving the world is keeping me really tied up these days.  However, Dante has been keeping a steady flow of posts to keep the site afloat and if you haven't noticed, we added a newcomer Gary to the mix. 

Gary is an amazing man with many years of wisdom and experience and I invite you to not only check out his bio but also check out his website.  Here is just a snippet of Gary's resume:

Despite the visit to 69 nations, then starting businesses andinternational ministries, literally betting and losing the ranch, Navy fighter pilot and air combat retiring as a Captain (06), a crashed plane and a crashed sailboat (thanks to pirates), riding the wild west on horseback, building a Pondarosa-like dream ranch and--especially--hand building a wilderness log cabin with my grandwonderkids, a son too soon dead of Cancer at 33, a best-friend son-in-law I love and a daughter of grace and beauty with three cowboys and two cowgirls princesses for me to imprint.

Stay tuned to Legacy Dad for more from Gary and check out his websites here: