Don't miss opportunities - the middle seat

This year's Spring Break took us to Dallas in the beginning of the trip, however, I had to fly back Sunday night for a report on Monday that could not be avoided.  After work on Monday, I caught a 3:15 pm flight back to Dallas to join my family.  As I got on the airplane, rushed and frustrated by the time taken out  of my vacation I began to pray and thank God for:

  • A job that gives me the luxury and privilege to take vacation
  • For a family that I can travel with on vacation
  • For his amazing grace and new mercies everyday (granting me the ability to catch my flight - ON TIME)
  • For His Son and His Word and His Spirit
  • For a seat near the front of the plane (not to delay my exit to join my family - and I got an aisle seat - oh yea!)

don't miss heavenJust then, the middle seat which was vacant, suddenly became seated.  I stopped my complaining and my fatigue of flight/work/flight in less then 24 hours and thanked God again.  I stopped my grovelling and look over at this very nice woman.  Something was wrong, something was clearly not right.  After takeoff, I began to chat with her.  She shared with me that her stepfather had passed away and that she was returning from the funeral from the Northeast back to Dallas.

She shared some very personal information with me that allowed her to share even more on her journey toward seeking God.  The most awesome part about this whole Spring Break is that I didn't miss this opportunity.  I didn't "close" myself off from being social with "my neighbor" and I was able to share the Gospel of Jesus with her from beginning to the end of the flight.  The most coolest part of this trip for me was seeing the demeanor of her face change from hopeless to hopeful and smiling by the time we both landed in Dallas.

She was telling me about her stepfather and the testimonies at the funeral from some people whose lives had changed drastically do to the witness of her stepfather in their lives.  She said there was a legacy in that funeral that changed her and made her question her path "to the light".  Her stepfather was a changed man, that is, he wasn't the man that was previously married to her mother and he was changed.  She was going to that funeral in pain and came back to someone who was questioning who this Jesus.

Enter me next to her on that flight.  On the second journey of the flight, she asked my why I started to talk to her and why I shared my faith with her.  I simply said because I have to.  I have been given a gift of immeasurable worth and I am called as a legacy dad (as a disciple of Christ) to share this good news - so I did.  I quoted scripture and I shared my faith and my walk with her.  I shared with her why God loves us so and why God loves her.  She talked about family (both extended and immediate) and some tough conversations that would be ensuing this journey - I told her to pray, to ask God for his path and to ask Him to reveal Himself to her!step up

She didn't accept Jesus on that flight (that I know of), but her disposition changed in a significant way - her countenance was peaceful.  I encouraged her to find a bible-believing and teaching Church (I told her to look up Matt Chandler's Church) and to look for a Celebrate Recovery to walk with her and her family.

I did what scripture calls each of us to do:

1 Corinthians 3:6

English Standard Version (ESV)

6 I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth.

Come Holy Spirit come!  Reach that woman and call her and her family to be your child.

Thank  you Lord for the opportunity to share your good news.

What are some things you can do in each of your days to witness to God's good love?

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