Don't forget the little things

Rule 101.1 is:  Don't forget the little things! As dads (grandpas, mentors, coaches = legacy dads) we have a great responsibility which is our mission field, that is, our family.  If God has given us this treasured gift (called our family) then we have been given the mantle to raise them in the Faith, to make our faith real and to love no matter the cost.  We are to train them up and like arrows, make them effective in their faith.  If we miss this great responsibility then everything else in our life is for nothing.   This is not to say that other stuff that we do for the Kingdom doesn't have eternal consequences, but it is to say that God gave us this responsibility and that is of the utmost importance (so don't miss it).

Lance and Gary (home with the Lord now) and I flew out to California to meet and to dream and to plan on where we were going in life and what ministry (ministries) might lie ahead for us in the future.  We talked about a lot and shared life and our stories together.  It was a great weekend and I am eternally grateful for that time.  The one takeaway (of many) that I noted from that weekend was not to miss the little things.  Seriously, as men (and women reading this) we are going to blow it (many times).  We are going to get angry, tired, frustrated and overall exhausted as parents and as legacy parents to boot.  The point of the takeaway was not to miss the little things that will matter most (and be remembered most).  Don't miss the teachable moments!

All this to say, is one afternoon this past month, I had noticed that my middle child (one of my daughters) had made a note holder on her door for family and friends to write her notes on these 3x5" index cards.  Being curious, I took a note card from her door and wrote her a note that was true and sincere to my heart and love for her.  I wasn't looking for anything in return, but I wanted to let her know what was on my heart and my mind.

I am not sure whether she wrote back the next day or what, but here is what she wrote back to me (picture to the right).  This was important to her, sheThe little things

affirmed that in the note.  She really connected to my note and that made her heart flow toward her dad and my heart.  This allowed a conversation (actually) many conversations about her life and mine and our faith.   This was a very little thing in the magnitude of my day and it didn't take all but 2 minutes for me to write and reflect.

The little things in life mean so much.  I love when I hear people talk about loved ones (especially the ones that are no longer on this earth), for the most part they don't talk about the shortcomings or the mistakes, rather, they talk about the silliest and most heartfelt moments that they can remember and mattered most to them - the little things.

In all that you do, live in such a way with your kids, grandchildren and mentees that your faith is real.  Your faith is humble and your walk is real.  Live in a way that trusts in the Lord and not on yourself.

In all that you do, seek God first, and lean on his direction and not yours.

And remember don't forget the little things and the teaching moments in life!