Do You Swing For The Fences With Your Family?

I tell you what, it is easy to get lost in it all.

Imagine trying to cram a Bachelors degree in Psychology into 6 months!  Spending 6-8 hours per day going to class.  Your mind and emotions simply turn off around 4:00PM, but you still have a good 6-7 hours of work and family time left in the day.

Then coming home with 2-3 hours of homework and clinical trials to do also. 

Now imagine doing all this while still trying to be a Legacy Dad, spending time with your wife and kids and being a strong Christian? 

This is my life right now and it's not fun. Ruth

Lately I have been really negative and my family has been suffering.  This course was one of those "it sounded good at the time" kinda things.   You may have noticed my postings on Legacy Dad have really fallen off and most contain little substance, for this I apologize.   

However, I don't share this with you to have a pity party for myself but to share with you my recent breakthrough. In times like this, we need to draw closer to God and surround our lives with his word. 

Recently, I found this great sermon called "Swing For The Fences." 

It tells us 3 things: 

1. Get Committed - To our faith, our family and our lives
2. Get Coaching - A mentor who kicks you in the pants and makes you drive yourself.
3. Stay Confident - You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. 

When you get some time this week, take 20 minutes and watch this sermon, it will give you a new perspective and give you that kick in the pants you need. It does for me.

Watch it here: