Discipleship 201

If you have read any of my posts and/or seen any of my references about Men of Faith (our men's group at my church) then you would know how passionate I am about seeing spiritual growth in peoples lives. Our men's group, since my co-leader and I have taken the leadership role about 5 years ago, has seen spiritual growth in positive ways.  We have witnessed men getting connected:  To their families, friends, church and daily walk with the Lord.  It is humbling and exciting to watch this process and to be a witness to the Holy Spirit in men's lives - Wow!  

We are moving to the next step in men's ministry and that is to grow more disciples (grow those that are connected).  We are calling it MOF 201 (the Road to Emmaus).  In Luke 24:13-33, we read about two of Jesus' disciples walking on the Road to Emmaus when they encounter Jesus.  They are prevented from recognizing him in the beginning, but later, when the Scriptures are revealed to them, their hearts our burning and they see Jesus as who he was and is and forever will be.  This same passion, a passion for the life of a disciple, is what we hope to have ignited in men's lives as they partake this journey with us in the future.

I have been doing a lot of reading (both in the Word and through others who came before and left a great road map to discipleship) and continue to find that we each have to take our own journey because our lives have a different story (some with similar backgrounds), but we each have our life story that needs to be told. That is, we have a part in God's plan as his disciples - so what are we going to do about it?

When it comes to God's Holiness (Our Purity), the things God owns (our Stewardship) and what God calls us to do (his disciples)...what does Scripture have to say about this!

Do any of our legacy readers have anything to say about this?  Please send me a note if you do.  This blog is about our journey together?  Accountability?  Burdens (Carrying each others)....please chime in...