Developing Your Bucket List: Part 2

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Okay, here we are.  You just returned from the doctor and he told you that you have one year to live.  Your time is limited so you must make important decisions.

First, I want to to pull out your list of Core Values.  Now, while looking at your list of core values, write down 10-15 Things That I Like To Be Around:

Motivated People

Once you have a list of 10-15, I also want you to prioritize these.  Put your number one on top and so forth for all 10-15. 

Next, I want you to build a list of Things I Like To Do:  Remember you have only one year to live. 

Traveling with Family
Listening to Music

I know this sounds simplistic and juvenile but what we are doing is peeling away all of societies brainwashing on what we really want and how we spend our time. 

Most people never take the time to do an exercise like this and then end up spending their lives chasing after things they really don't want.  They spend a majority of their time doing things that they don't really enjoy and thus have this emptiness inside and are walking around with this feeling that they haven't accomplished something. 

Once we are done, you are going to have a clear list of what you want, when you want it by and how to take the steps to achieve it. 

Keep going, take the time.  This really works if you put in the 30 minutes to do it.

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