Developing Your Bucket List: Part 5

Okay, continuing are discussion on developing your own bucket list. 

Everyone has goals, maybe not written down but at least somewhere in their mind they have some dreams and goals. 

The problem is not coming up with goals, it is making your dreams and goals a priority and then taking action to reach them. 

I have another exercise  or if you have grown lazy at this point, simply do this mentally. 

Make a time event chart from the time you wake up in the morning until the time you go to bed at night and list your daily activities. 


0520 - Wake Up
0600-0700  - Workout
0700-0730 - Read the Bible
0730 -0830 - Breakfast, Shower
0830 - 1130 - Work
1130-1300 - Lunch
1300-1700 - Work
1700 -1800 - Check email, stocks.
1800-1830 - Dinner
1830 - 2000 - Family Time and Kids Homework
2000 - 2100 - Computer Work (French and Legacy Dad)
2100-2200 - Time with Wife
2200 - UTC - Read, TV, Computer Time
23/2400 - 0520 - Sleep 

Based on this time frame, where am I working on goals? 

I would also look at your weekend activities and see where the majority of your free time goes.  This will give you a better idea of where your time and energy are going. 

Hold on, taking action is next...