Developing Your Bucket List: Part 4


Congratulations, your dead. 

You now have the unique experience to attend your own funeral.  You will be there in Spirit and observing all the proceedings.

First, write down who will be there.  Who will be in attendance? 

Next, there will be a speaker in 5 areas of your life and they will come up and talk about each area of your life and what kind of person you were.  All your friends, family and colleagues will be in attendance and your funeral will be broadcast on cable for the rest of the country to see. 


What kind of person were you with your family?  Did you spend enough time with them?  What memories will be spoken of?  What were your most admirable traits in regards to your family life?  Did your children look up to you?    


Next is your friends.  What kind of friend were you?  Did you listen and give sound advice? Were you there when you were needed?  Where you accountable?  Did you drop everything and answer a friends call?  Were you dependable?   


This speaker will talk about your work/business or other activity that you did.  How did you treat your colleagues?  Did you always act honorably?  Did you put the needs of others before your own?  Were you a team player?  Were you a hard worker?    


Next a speaker will discuss your finances.  How did you handle what God blessed you with?  Did you give back to God and his work?  Did you spend, hoard or multiply your talents?   Did you leave a blessing to your "children's , children"? 

Faith/Civic Organization

Finally is your involvement in your church and civic organizations?   Did you help out when you were needed?  Did you answer the call to teach others or lead a group?  Did you give to those less fortunate?  Did you witness to others?  Did you study and grow in your own faith? 

Take some time and write down what each speaker would say about you?  Write it how you would want to hear it.  Write it how you would like to see it in the major media outlets.

Next steps:  Time and Taking Action