Dare to be God's....disciple

If you are like me and believe in the Holy Trinity (God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit) and believe that God sent His only Son to die for me then you have to ask yourself some serious questions:dare

  • Why am I here?
  • What is my purpose in life?
  • Is the statement, To God Be the Glory, really applicable to my life
  • What does God require of me being a disciple?
  • Is Salvation a one time gift that doesn't require any further repentance?
  • Why am I asking these questions?
  • Is Salvation a works based faith?

Each one of us has been born on this earth with a purpose and if we know the Lord Jesus Christ then we have been given spiritual gifts to honor God. In all that we do, whether of this world, in this world or apart from this world should be to the honor and glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.  You ask, does this mean that God is in all, above all, from all and in control of all? Simply answered, Most Definitely!

Ecclesiastes is a very good book that puts life in perspective (Read it and see).  At the end of it all, life is but a mist, and if we do not do everything in life to worship and honor God, then we miss the whole purpose of why we are put on this earth.

Take for instance, Christmas (by the way good blog on when was Jesus born - click here), we celebrate the virgin birth of Jesus Christ being born a virgin (Mary) and lived out his life and then died for our sins.  The love story doesn't stop there - it goes on to say that he also obeyed God the Father's will to die for our sins and to be raised again and He now sits at the right hand of God.  Because of this sacrifice all of our sins (repeating that) ALL OF OUR SINS of the past, the present and the future have been bought for with a price and paid for by Jesus's one time sacrifice for us.   What does he require of us in return:

  • To Admit that we are sinners
  • To Believe that Jesus did all that for us and more
  • To Confess that we are sinners that need Jesus's sacrifice to cover our sins once and for all
  • To live a pure and holy life (Colossians 3)
  • To be a living sacrifice (Romans 12)
  • To love our brothers (and sisters)
  • To give without expecting to get
  • To serve without expecting to serve
  • To forgive without expecting to be forgiven (by others on this earth)
  • To be a witness about God the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit in every aspect of our lives
  • To live a real life of a disciple, not that of a hypocrite (or pharisee)
  • To be ready to hear God
  • To be in relationship with God
  • To be a friend of God

Why are we here?  What is our purpose?

James 1:27English Standard Version (ESV)

27 Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.  

Who is our orphans - I would say not only actually orphans in this world, but I would say any man, woman or child that does not know Jesus Christ would be considered an orphan in my book.

Who is our widows - take care of those who lost loved ones and are grieving and have no family to take care of them

To avoid this world - (refer back to Romans 12, Colossians 3 and The Book of James).

Merry Christmas,