Daddy, Daughter Dances

This past Saturday a friend of mine and I escorted our two daughters to a daddy/daughter dance.  We had the pleasure of escorting these two princesses to the restaurant of their choice (they chose Culvers) and we enjoyed Cheeseburgers, Sprites, French Fries & Ice Cream.  Afterwards we took them to the dance.  From the moment that my friend Tom & I walked into the dance hall (at a church) we were brought onto the dance floor and for almost one and a half hours we danced with our princesses.  I had so much fun and I fast danced, slow danced and even dipped my daughter.

As I was dropped off at home I reflected for a bit and thought of the significance of events like this for our kids.  First of all, they (our children) need to learn the value of each other - things like integrity, respect, purity and chivalry.  They need to know what it truly means to have a date and how a man should treat a woman.  They need to know that we (men) will open the doors for them, and to buy their dinners and to love them in the way that God calls us to love them.

They need to know the significance in their self respect and dignity.  Each and everyone of us has a special place in this world.  In one of the earlier posts, Lance posted a song called Beautiful Things.  The song says that God makes new things/beautiful things, after all we and the things of this world are His creation.  I love that song - because it is so true (thanks Lance).

My friend and I were talking about our families and the way that we are rearing our children.  He complimented my wife and I and said he was thankful for my wife's friendship with his wife.  I said to him that I only hope and pray that my children meet and marry kids like his - he said the same.

I respect this man a lot because of the way that he loves his wife and kids and because of the way he carries himself as a man of integrity.  This is the kind of man that I want my daughters to meet and to prayerfully and hopefully marry.  This is the kind of man that I want my son to grow into.

That night made me reflect on how important it is to raise our children.  How important it is to love and care and spend time with our children.  That night makes me realize that being a dad and husband is not just about how we support our families financially but how we support our wives and kids in every aspect of life.