US.  Yes, Christmas is about US !  Gift-giving and unwrapping is ahead, behind or both, depending on your family Christmas tradition.  Today is Christmas eve for me (Gary).  I wrote about our family's Christmas footnote today on my GenDads blog. There is a positive way to view loss. 

Unwrapping the gift completes the giving cycle. Christmas is not about the gift, it's about the Giver and the receiver. It is about YOU! In the grand scheme of creation, the birth of Jesus was nothing less than the arrival of the Promised One to reconcile us back to our Creator.  He was...well, a "gift" to US. He is a gift left unwrapped if we don't grasp it was to save US from ourselves and the sin we so readily fall into. His birth resulted from God’s immeasurable love for US.  It's about US, our redemption. The very SAVIOR of the world was born to start His journey into our hearts.  Suddenly, corrupt Rome, oppressed Israel, wandering fishermen and revilled tax collectors had Hope.  Now WE have Hope.

Western Christians know John 3:16 by heart; “For God so loved the world that he gave his only son…”  That is way too familiar.  UNWRAP the gift one more time today and recognize that Christmas is not fulfilled without US completing the Giver's intent; His son, Jesus, was given, born, for you and me.  Today it’s up to us to “finish well” His journey in our hearts.