Chris Gardner

I happened to watch the movie "The Pursuit of Happiness" a few weeks back and I was totally taken back by the main character Chris Gardner.  What was even further impressive is that this is a true story and Chris Gardner actually did these things.

This was a story of a man with no positive role models, no father figure, a torn marriage, a young son and living on welfare to survive. 

One day he saw a man in a Ferrari and asked the man what he did?  I'm a stockbroker he replied.  Gardner then set out to become a stockbroker and finally landed an internship with Dean Witter Reynolds. 

During this internship many other people were competing with Chris for a permanent job with Dean Witter.  I have been through this process personally and it is not fun.  The Series 7 Exam has been equated with taking the Bar Exam for attorneys. 

During his internship, Chris and his young son were evicted from their home and lived on the streets often sleeping wherever their was a safe place, they then found Glide Memorial United Methodist Church.  The Reverend Cecil Williams allowed Chris and his son to stay and Chris eventually went on to finish his internship and get hired with Dean Witter Reynolds. 

After, Dean Witter Reynolds, Chris became very successful and even founded his own firm as well as other businesses.  Today, Chris is a very successful man that overcame many odds and is involved in many philanthropy efforts.  It is a truly amazing story. 

If you have not seen the movie, I recommend renting it.  Chris Gardner is truly a Legacy Dad.