Changing History

Sometimes I wonder if blogging on something you love and believe in is really worth it? 

There are better ways to spend a few hours per week, especially when your time is limited.

However, this weekend, my daughter and a quote changed my mine on this subject.  My daughter was reading a book on Rosa Parks this weekend and I was: Parks

1. Intrigued that my 8 year old knew who Rosa Parks was.
2. Fascinated that with Pokemon, Hanna Montana and Camp Rock that my daughter was reading a history book.
3. Moved by what she said. (Although not at first) 

I asked her why she chose that specific book and she said "I am very interested in history dad and interested in the people who changed history." 

This comment did not have a profound effect until later in the weekend when I heard a comment in a documentary on the American Indian Movement.  Professor Ed Castillo made a comment that went something like this.

Aimlogo_2 "History is made by those people who stand up and make some noise not by the people who are quiet and just go about their day to day lives."

History is made by those willing to speak, those willing to rebel and by those willing to believe in their dreams. 

All the great leaders and people in history believed in something, believed in change, believed they could make a difference.  Mlk_2

Whether good or bad. Those who stand up and speak up will be heard and those who remain quiet simply fade into the background.

The only choice we have then is whether to speak or remain silent?   

I choose to speak.