Building a Foundational Legacy

Building a Foundational Legacy has to start somewhere, so why wait.  Whether you are a legacy dad with younglings, toddlers, teens or grown adults, it is never too late to start laying a solid foundation based on Faith.  I was talking to a good friend of mine who was finishing up his masters degree on the East Coast and one thing that surprised both him and I were the amount of university programs that lacked courses on true ethics and principles.  When I attended a Jesuit College, they required you to take 9 credit hours of Theology and 9 credit hours of Philosophy.    I have always asked myself why I had to take those courses while going through it, but then realized now as I am older the importance of Ethics in business.  Foundation If you look at a lot of the recent problems that this country (the world) has had in business and the like, there seems to be key issues that are missing, “where are the ethics.”  You can look at a very successful person, whether it’s an actor, lawyer, doctor, broker, contractor, developer, or whatever lot in life the individual has; you can measure that person by their success.  The world, in many cases, would define that person as a success based on the world’s definition of success.  Really, let’s take a deeper look into that person’s life.  A better way to say it, is let’s take a look at the fruit in that person’s life.

For instance, you can read books on many influential persons that the world has defined as successful and as you peel back the layers you realize that there is something more there.  They have true grit.  I like the story of a soldier who laid his body (life) down on a grenade to save his buddies from the enemy – he saved all of them.  There is no greater gift, then a friend who lay’s his life down for his friends.  I also like the story of a famous NFL coach who had many successful years as a coach, but said later in his career he wished he spent more time in his Christian walk.  He now actively shares his faith and is building a foundational legacy for more to follow.

I think if we can start laying that healthy foundation for those in need of that strong building material, then you can see a sizeable shift in that persons future.  Wherever you are in this life, it is never too late to lay that foundation.  You can start right here.  True grit is defined as Character, Integrity, Honor, Truth, Justice and Ethical Principles that stand the test of time.  By starting a foundation based on this true grit you can move that notion of success driven parenting to significant driven parenting.  At 42 years of age I have seen the walks of life from extremely wealthy to dirt poor and I have seen success to significance in other forms as well, but one thing is for certain- when you meet someone who is raised up in significant driven principle you can tell immediately that they are cut from a different fabric.  They have true grit and likely they are someone who has qualities in life that attract you to them.  I don’t want to mislead you here and say that everyone of these individuals has a magnetic personality or can light up a room, in fact, usually they exude a big sense of humility.

I guess when it’s all said and done, we will be measured, weighed and found with nothing if we don’t have this significance in our life.  Some say that it is a Faith, while others say that it is a foundation and yet still others say that it is a combination of the two.  I would like to say to you, where ever you are right now, at this time in your life, you too can start building up a legacy foundation into a strong tower. StrongTower

Food for thought,