Broken Arrow

One of the perks of being a Legacydad writer is a website called in which I can listen to books and messages by various speakers.  I am currently listening to the sermon series by Pastor Tony Evans called Meaningful Manhood.  Questions like why are we hear and what the men should be doing along their path of manhood.  This is a very good sermon series and he begins by quoting from the movie with Mel Gibson "We Were Soldiers" based on a true story of the US Army in Vietnam. [youtube id="TqKLtp6MRv4"]

At one point, when the Colonel is overrun by enemy troops, instead of evacuating the leader from safety, which is want the brass back home wants them to do, the Colonel (played by Mel Gibson) calls for Broken Arrow.  From the website, we read this, "Before dawn, Moore orders his company commanders to meet him prior to an attack to rescue the still cut-off platoon. Before this meeting takes place, the PAVN launch a heavy attack which shatters the early morning stillness like a huge explosion. The attack is carried out by the 7th Bn, 66th Regiment and the H-15 Main Force Viet Cong Bn.  C Company of the Cavalry Battalion bears the brunt of the assault and is soon involved in hand to hand combat. The right portion of D/1/7 is also struck. The code word "Broken Arrow" is sent out over the radio by the Battalion Forward Air Controller. Within minutes, all available fighter bombers in South Vietnam are headed for X-ray to render close air support to "an American unit in grave danger of being overrun". A 3 hour battle that features non-stop 105mm artillery, aerial rockets, and determined American Infantrymen, results in Charlie Company holding it's ground in a stunning display of personal courage and unit discipline. But it pays a terrible price - no officers left and only 49 men unhurt. 42 officers and men killed; 20 wounded. Scores of slain North Vietnamese and their weapons litter the bloody battleground."

When we take a look at our daily jaunts of life as husband, father, employer (employee), church member, citizen then we have to ask ourselves these questions:


  • Do I believe in the word of God as the whole truth and nothing but the truth?
  • Do I believe that God is Sovereign?
  • Do I believe in Good and that there is evil?
  • Do I believe in Spiritual Warfare?
  • Do I believe in the saving and redemptive power of Jesus Christ?


If you answered these questions, like me, then you answered yes and most definitely yes to all of them.  (if you did not, please private message me to and we can chat further). If you agree, then keep reading please.  Jesus Christ calls each and every one of us to disciples - being his disciples.  I do not want to mislead you, there is a cost discipleship, no doubt, how we spend our time, talent and treasure will be measured by Jesus Christ at his Judgement Seat.

What are these costs:


  • We no longer own everything (everything belongs to God)
  • We no longer have excuses (read Luke 14)
  • We no longer use terms such as "I" and "Me" (instead we use "May His Will be done")
  • We no longer are selfish
  • We have to consider the cost before we can truly follow
  • We have to not only "hear" the words of the Bible, but he wants us to do what they say!
  • Doing what is right (even when others do not see what we are doing)!

Sometimes, as men, we get caught into the daily struggles and routines of our lives.  The pressures, the stresses, the monotony of life:

  • We forget to date our wives
  • We forget to pursue our wives
  • We need to spend my quantity (instead of just quality) with our kids
  • We need to be more involved at home and at the church (it's not just about the $$$)

What sin, what circumstance and what situation(s) is holding us back from true discipleship?  How can we change this?  What needs to be done?

More to follow,