Best and Worst Christmas Toys

Here is my review of some of best and worst toys from our 2007 Christmas loot.

This was a electronic year for us as our kids are getting a little older now and leaning more towards the technological toys.


Sony PSP - This little game console is great for games, music, movies and even wireless internet.  It is perfect for long drives as it has a headphone jack and car adapter.


Disney Mix Stix - This is an mp3 player with about 512MB that plugs in via a USB port.  Through some music on it and your daughter will be Jamming to the latest High School Musical Soundtrack.


Guitar Hero III -I was so excited about this game and guitar.  Out daughter wanted to learn guitar and we thought this game would give her a taste of the patience and dedication it takes to actually learn an instrument.  We had fun playing it, especially Dad as I jammed out to "Rock You Like A Hurricane."  However, the second day we had it, the wireless guitar stopped working and from the reviews on the internet, this is common because of rushed production to get the toys out by Christmas.  It also has some questionable themes and music so....back to the store.

Terrainiac by Tyco - Another great letdown.  Tycoterrainiac We got this 50% off for our son, charged it up and took it for a spin. This toy can drive on land and water. I was skeptical but the reviews for this toy were all good and said yes it can drive on the water.  We took it down to the pond and drove in.  It worked great for about 3 minutes then stopped.  Since then, the toy only works for a few minutes at a time and then quits.  Another one back to the store!!


So we were 50/50 on major toys this Christmas, I am of the belief that the best toy for kids is still some fresh air and a large park to run around in.  Cheaper too!! 

Until next time...