A Time To Pray

Do you believe in the power if prayer?  You should.

A University of California - San Fransisco Study showed in a double blind test that patients who were prayed for healed faster than those who were not prayed for.

Prayer In the past few years, I have really witnessed the power of prayer in my life.  I believe it is because I have matured as a Christian and learned how to pray. 

When I was younger I would pray in times of need or despair.  We have all done this. 

"God, please help me get this promotion and I will be your faithful servant."
"God, please heal so and so and I will devote my life to you."

With maturity as a Christian, I have now learned to ask God to work through me to expand and show me what his will is for my life.  I ask God for him to reveal his plans to me rather than trying to ask God to make my plans become reality.

Recently I heard of some great questions to ask in prayer to help this process.

1. God, is there someone who needs to be loved, cared for or listened to?

2. God, Is there something in my life that needs to change?

3. God, how do you see me?

4. God, how much do you love me?

5. God, is there something that you want me the share?

These questions are great to add to our daily prayers and devotions and the magic thing is that when we ask questions of God, he usually answers in some way.  Whether through an act, another person, or a feeling deep inside of us.

The really question is when we ask God for something, do we listen to his response?

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