A Fathers Guilt

I often feel guilt.  In my professional, I frequently spend time away from my family.

I feel guilty for being gone
I feel guilty for not making the most of the time I have
I feel guilty for choosing a professional that keeps me away from my family
I feel guilty when my kids come to me and I am preoccupied

But most of all I feel guilty when I wonder if I am doing all that I can to prepare and raise my children to be spiritual warriors.  Am I being too lenient,  Am I being to strict,  Am I focusing on the proper areas to cultivate? 

When this guilt comes, I simply pray and ask God to continue to help me to be the best husband, father and friend that I can be.  To continue to allow the Holy Spirit to guide me down the path the Lord has designed for me.  To fill my heart with His love and allow me to be at ease.