A Direct Reflection

One of the things that I am discovering on this parenting journey is that you can tell a lot about a family, church or any organization by talking with the youth of the organization, especially teens. 

Children and teenagers have a habit of being totally honest about their life situations and observing them can give you great insight into their lives. 

The past few weeks, we have been looking for a new church home for the next 7 months and this week we found it. 

Trying new churches is always hard for our family because it's new people, new pastors, and new youth worship.  But today, there was a majority rule in our family that we found our church. 

At first I though we'd walked into a Newsboys concert?

There was a youth band on stage jamming out some worship songs at high decibels.

This is a little different, I thought.

After a few more high energy Christian rock songs the youth pastor came out an announced that this week was the annual youth service in which the youth of the church share their worship music and personal walk with the lord. Youth2_3

Now it started to make sense. 

What followed was testimonies by teenagers of their experience with previous churches and how they were saved and dedicated their lives to God through this church.  Also, was a recent graduating seniors testimony of how her father was in a tragic accident a few weeks ago and how her faith and belief got her through and how their prayer helped saved her fathers life. 

Listening to these teens testimony made me proud and honored to be apart of their service and I only hope that my children will have the same faith and vision in the years to come. 


Sitting in the service my wife and I came to the conclusion that if these teens were a reflection of this church then we definitely wanted to be apart of it.

After the service, our children also told us that this was the best church they have been to in a long time. 

End of discussion, we found our new home.

Today's journey was once again a reminder that there is hope for my children and that there are those out there who are raising strong, confident Christian leaders for tomorrow. 

Until next time...