Be Watchful, Stand Firm, Act Like Men

" What does this verse mean to you?

To Calvin, it meant, "13. Watch ye. A short exhortation, but of great weight. He exhorts them to watch, in order that Satan may not oppress them, finding them off their guard. For as the warfare is incessant, the watching requires to be incessant too. Now watchfulness of spirit is this -- when, free and disentangled from earthly cares, we meditate on the things of God. For as the body is weighed down by surfeiting and drunkenness, (Luke 21:34,) so as to be fit for nothing, so the cares and lusts of the world, idleness or carelessness, are like a spiritual surfeiting that overpowers the mind. [169]

The second thing is that they persevere in the faith, or that they hold fast the faith, so as to stand firm; because that is the foundation on which we rest. It is certain, however, that he points out the means of perseverance -- by resting upon God with a firm faith.

In the third exhortation, which is much of the same nature, he stirs them up to manly fortitude. And, as we are naturally weak, he exhorts them fourthly to strengthen themselves, or gather strength. For where we render it be strong, Paul makes use of only one word, which is equivalent to strengthen yourselves.

14. Let all your things be done in love Again he repeats what is the rule in all those transactions, in which we have dealings with one another. He wishes, then, that love shall be the directress; because the Corinthians erred chiefly in this respect -- that every one looked to himself without caring for others.


To US:  What does this verse mean (what should this verse mean) for Legacy dads around the world:

Be Watchful

  • Study the word of God
  • Know the way your enemy works
  • Be on Guard and ready to act
  • Flee from evil

Stand firm in the faith

  • Do not give in to peer pressure
  • Be ready to give an answer
  • Don't be swayed from the truth

Act Like Men

Be Strong

  • Trust in the Lord
  • Do not lean on your own understanding
  • God is our strong tower (our refuge)
  • He is our strength
  • Find your Joy in the Lord (for the joy in Him is our Strength)

Let All That You Do Be Done In Love

  • Read Here
  • Carry Each other's burdens
  • Love one another
  • Do not devour your Christian brothers and sisters

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