3 Reasons I’m Scared to Trust God

dream-jobImagine your dream job.  Your deepest passion.  That one thing that you would do whether you got paid or not.  The passion that would get you up at 5:00AM and keep you awake at night, full of excitement and energy.  You feel completely happy and on purpose when doing and living this dream. Now imagine God started opening doors in your life and mentors and friends started supporting you to follow this dream.

Would you have the courage to trust God’s calling and follow it?

Would you be willing to quit your job, take a lower salary or give up your family’s financial security to answer this call?

This is situation I find myself in and I’m scared to death.

Legacy Dad has always been a hobby, a side project, something to tackle full-time when I’m retired. One of those “Someday” goals.  I’ve never been serious about it.   But lately some doors opened, there’s some writing on the wall, influential people have come into my life and opportunities have been mentioned that could potentially lead me to take this thing seriously, take it to the next level and really start helping and impacting family’s everywhere.

And I’m doing everything to hold this back, put on the brakes and let my lack of faith control my life.

Reason 1:  Fear (Noise)

I would love to work full-time helping families, speaking, writing, coaching men, mentoring youth and doing work that really matters for the glory of God and his kingdom.  But the second I have those thoughts, fear and noise tell me all the logical reasons why this is not possible.

  1. You’ve spent the last 15 years climbing the ladder to a healthy salary and position in your day job.  Are you going to walk away from that?
  2. How would you support your family?
  3. What if no one listens to you?  What if you fail?
  4. You don’t have the experience, education, background, connections to make this happen?

Reason 2:  What If This Is Lance’s Plan not God’s?

This reason tells me that maybe I’m being ambitious or arrogant.  Is this what God wants or what Lance wants?

I wish God and I could meet up at Starbucks each Friday, have a triple tall, soy mocha and mastermind on my life.  We could laugh and dream and listen to Mumford and Sons playing on the sound system.  Then God would end the meeting by saying “Okay Lance, here’s what I really want you to do and here’s your 5 action steps to take over the next 90 days.  Don’t worry, it’s my plan, it will work.”doubt-fear

Reason 3:  Doubt

I don’t doubt God but I do doubt myself.  The voices in my head tell me that I’m not qualified, I’m too young, I don’t have enough experience, etc.  Everyone hears these voices right or maybe I need a psych consult?

I do have some ideas and solutions for these problems, but I’d love to hear from you instead?

How would you handle this situation?

Have you been in this situation?

Why do we doubt God?