Worry & Procrastination....

prorastinationWe apologize that we haven't updated LD in a while, but as always the case out with the old and in with the New Year has LegacyDads really busy.  Between our kids, our ministries and our work not to mention all the demands of being husband/dad, you can all probably relate to this.  Somehow, I had the grand illusion that as our kids got older the less we would be required to do - boy do I have that wrong. Which leads me to this post:  Worry & Procastination

I was reading this article about the tops sins of men (particularly in America) and was struck that the Barna Suvery did not put the "Big Ones" in the top 2 slots, rather, they put Worry and Procastination (aka laziness and idleness and slothfulness) on the top two slots.   When I really ponder to think on this, I think that for men in America that is really true.  Let's be honest, if we truly took stock of our lives (in other words pick yours:  Your bills/filing, your investments, your Garage, your closet, your computer, your to-do lists, your empty promises to your wife and kids that begin with either, "okay", "in a minute" or "i will get to that next week") if these fill in your blanks then you have related to me - if we didn't cover them then please comment on this so I can add that to my likely list.

worry plaqueSeriously, since my mom died over 2 years ago, I have seen my dad (who could do it all - litterally) take a back seat to everything and let the world pass him by.  This means that I have the estate to manage, the propterty that is unsold to manage and the tax and bills and so on that go with it.  On top of that add to my daily jaunts in life:  God, Family, Work and every day life and you can hopefully empathize with me on this subject.   Life is hard enough, especially in a world that seems to take unbiblical paths in managing debt - you cannot spend your way out of a crisis without consequence.   My wife and I are working on some house projects which leads to me to realize that some times we just have too much stuff - what are we teaching our kids.  The name of this game in 2014 is back to the basics - I mean yes, I have my passions and my hobbies and my media tablets that assist in this process, but as for my wife and I and our family - we will be taking a much more biblical pace to 2014.

My role as a husband and father is supposed to be the spiritual leader of my household.  To raise and train up our children to love the Lord with all the heart, strength soul and mind.  To fear him who can sepearate bone from marrow.  To love him with reckless abandon.  To have a real and loving relationship with Jesus Christ and to share the Gospel to our world the best that we can (sometimes just letting our actions and service do the talking as much as we can).  The second is to teach them to be independent and confident.  Not to be insecure and not to worry and stress out about things that we can never control and/or change the outcome.  We need to teach them to use their gifts and stewardship of time talent and treasure to serve God's Kingdom and not our own.  This is a task that does not sleep, does not wait and has a limited time before they are no longer under our tutilege.  All of this being sais is that there will be a reckoning in each and everyone of our lives - the Judgement Seat of Christ.  For those of us who call him Savior and are written in the Lambs Book of Life - we will be robed in white and we will be judged on what we did for God through His Son and Spirit to further his kingdom.




Worry - why?  What does it profit me to gain the whole world and lose my own soul.  Why worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow may never come.



Procrastinate - well that is my cross to bear these next few months - time to step it up!  After all, Pastor Matt Chandler said at #ActLikeMen, that a bored man in the house is a very dangerous thing - who has time to be bored (I am usually exhausted by bedtime).  Instead, I am making an effort to live the life that I want to teach my children: I will be accountable to God with my talent, with my time and with my treasure:

  • God comes first
  • My quiet time and daily reading comes second
  • I will serve my wife and kids to the best of my abillity - before this I will let go and let God have them (he can take care of things much better than I can!)
  • I will listen for his prompting and leading
  • I will not worry (when I do - I have accountability that will shred that from me)
  • I will not procrastinate any more (Lord - hear this prayer!)

What are some of yours?