How will you measure your life...

dietoselfThis past week I received an email from someone who I respect very much in the work force and who plays a good mentor in a lot of young peoples lives.   There is an article that was sent in an email about how those of us that can have input in the way we do life could make a difference in other peoples lives.   If you click on this link:  How will you measure your life, then you can read the article in its entirety.   This article prompted me to make this our topic this weekend in our men's group this Saturday morning.  Click on this for the Power Point that I will be presenting:  How will you measure your life As we begin 2014, I wanted to challenge each of us with a few thoughts in life - in the way that we do every day.  Whatever your background, whatever gifts, your talents and/or your treasure, what mark you leave in this life depends on how you define all of your efforts with Jesus Christ.  Whether you are rich, poor, well fed or hungry.  Whether you are blessed in good health or suffering in trial and tribulation.  Whether you are lonely or questioning why God has you were you are at - there is only one choice to make:  How will you measure your life?  How will you define who you are?  What legacy will you leave for those who come behind you?

Legacy Dad is more than just about Lance and I and our writings - it is deeper than that.  It is about God's truth in our lives.  It is about making a difference as husbands, fathers, mentors, friends and disciples of Christ.  What mark will you leave?  How will people remember you?  What you do everyday - is that making a difference for your life or for God's Kingdom?

Here are some challenges for 2014:

  • Be humble in all circumstances
  • Love and live life like it could be your last day on earth
  •  Know your priorities
  • Ask this question - "what matters most in my life...?
  • Be responsible for your personal walk (in life, in discipleship, in spiritual growth and so on)
  • Put accountability in your life
  • Be accountable (no matter what)
  • Pray, read God's word and listen for at least an hour a day (morning or noon or night - whatever works)
  • See where God takes you in 2014

In all you do - Coram Deo!