Why me?

Can you ever imagine what would have happened if everyone who made a difference in history would have said, "Why me?  What difference can I make?"  When you look at current events (Egypt) you can only help but wonder how much is really going on in that region.  We hear from the media moguls what they want us to hear, but themes that shine through are political corruption, lack of jobs, higher inflation and an overall apathetic feeling toward the current ruling government. What if everyday ordinary men decided not to stand up against evil and tyranny? What would Europe and Russia look like today?  What if our founding fathers did not stand up toward taxation without representation and we didn't have the Revolutionary War?

Why me?  What purpose do I have in this world?  There are several books that try to answer this question, and a good place to start is a book by Rick Warren, A Purpose Driven Life.  There is a higher source that I would recommend and that would be to take a copy of the Bible and open it up.  Spend some time in reading about men who made a difference by just doing what God has called them to do.

Read what Job did in his prime in Chapter 29.  Can you imagine if for just one moment ordinary men would not do extraordinary things because they asked the question, "Why me?" and their answer was not to act?

What if we put that in context to our wives (for those of us that are married) or our children.  What if we said, "Why me?"  Why do I have to make the difference?  Think about the number of children that had either a motherly influence or a fatherly influence and wonder why we have so many problems today.

Where is there hope?  What difference can a Legacy Dad make?  The answer is complex but yet simple.  Trust in God, listen to His Words and do what they say.

Why you?  Because if you fail to act, who will make the difference in lives around you?