When The Leader Changes, The House Changes

One of the reasons I created Legacy Dad was because of the changes in my own life and to record these changes and how they affect our family.  My wife tells me this is a Longitudinal Study.  The results are never meant to be seen immediately but over the course of years if not decades.

As my friend Tim Kimmel says in his book "It's not raising kids who act right or grow up right, it's Raising Kids Who Turn Out Right."

That being said, my wife made the unique observation that the direction of the family whether spiritual, moral, or financial; hinges on the directions and guidance of the leader of the house. Typically the husband and father backed by the love and support of his wife. 

This is why changing and empowering Dads has such a huge impact.  You are not only changing yourself, but your whole family.  The spiritual changes I have made in my life in the past few years have had huge ripples in our family in a positive way.

I realize that the challenges I put forth on Legacy Dad are huge commitments.  I strive to live them daily but often fall short myself.  But, the end result has a far greater impact than we can ever imagine.  By simply striving to make one of the changes in our lives, we impact our entire family thus creating a lifelong legacy. 


My wife is taking a class on Parenting in Contemporary Society from a truly great professor, Kelly J. Welch. 

My wife tells me most people wait until they are in their 40's-60's before they start thinking in terms of leaving a legacy or striving for self actualization. 

At this age, many parents are ending their parenting career and looking at becoming empty nesters, thus missing many important years of guidance and mentorship.

What I challenge us Dad's to do, is to draw a blueprint now for our children's future greatness.  I often hear Christian men talk of moral failure, divorce, addictions, and priorities that are out of whack.  I challenge us to stand up and be the man that we know we can be.  Prove the statistics wrong, set the example for others to follow, be the rock that others come to for strength and encouragement. 

The simple difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that successful people have the following:

  • Clearly Defined GoalsChange
  • Long Term Thinking
  • A Road Map To Achieve Their Goals
  • The Self Discipline to do the things that other people will not, on a consistent basis.

By making the changes we need in our lives, we change our families.  If we want to be respected as True Men and Leaders of our house, we need to start acting like it.

Because When The Leader Changes, The House Changes and Then The Legacy Is Created.