What is your greatest struggle?

This morning in men’s group we have a guy that is never afraid to put it out there.  He is honest with his walk and or lack of (at times) like the rest of us, but today he said something very provocative to the rest of us in men’s group, “just because I put my life out there for the rest of you, doesn’t mean that you should turn your focus on me and just try and fix me….we all have things we need to confess…..that only God can fix.” Scripture tells us to confess our sins to one another and to repent and live a life worthy of the Gospel of Christ. This morning I googled, “what are men’s greatest sins” and the list that came up was from a catholic priest who came up with a list from men’s confessionals and here is what the top 7 were:

Gluttony = excessive eating and drinking. Sloth = habitual disinclination to exertion; indolence; laziness.  Avarice = insatiable greed for riches; inordinate, miserly desire to gain and hoard wealth.

The list is very revealing and forthcoming, but there is one difference to the Christian believer who believes that Jesus Christ is the only answer.  Once we place our trust in Him, then Jesus becomes our high priest and He (and ONLY HE) is the one who bridges our lives to God the father, meaning, he is our Advocate on High.  He writes our names in the Book of Life and from that moment on – God looks at us through Jesus’ blood – the perfect lamb - our sins our forgiven once and for all!

Whatever your struggle, there is an answer and a path for us to follow.  If we pray for God’s grace and guidance and we read his world (The Holy Bible) and we surround ourselves with believers who will help us carry our burdens, and we listen to sound preaching and teaching, THEN we can move toward a life worthy of the Gospel of Christ and we can be the light to the world!

In case you are not getting my polite inferences, then I would like to make myself clear:  Trust and Obey!  Job 31:1 says that I have made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustfully at another woman.  1 Peter 3:7 tells us (husbands) to treat our wives with respect so that nothing will hinder our prayers and Galatians 5 gives us a checklist of our life in the fruit of the sinful nature or the fruit of the Spirit and then the Bible gives us a call to action: 1) Romans 12  - we should become living sacrifices and 2) Colossians 3 – we should strive toward Holy Living.

Any questions? Comments?

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