What inspires me most...

This week I have been catching up with a lot of my "to do" lists that have overwhelmed me for quite some time.  As I finished taking care of over twenty things of my to do lists in two days, I feel refreshed and encouraged that I can definitely do more.  I was keeping a promise this afternoon to my niece and was burning some Christian music cd's for her (she likes my music) and I came across this video from a great friend of my wife and me.

When my wife was really sick and we almost lost her (about 2 years ago). As a husband and a father, you get to reflect on things that matter most.  God is love.  He gave his only son for us.  Jesus paid it all.  Our sins are forgiven if we confess the name Lord Jesus and believe in our heart what he has done for us.

I think as life continues to spiral forward we forget the things that matter most:  God, faith, family and friends.  As this Summer wanes, don't forget the most important things.

I am not sure about you, but love (pure and genuine kindness and selfless acts) inspires me to do better, to love better and to live a better life - a kingdom impacting life.