Welcome To Legacy Dad


Welcome to Legacy Dad, this site is about striving to be the best father and spouse that a man can be. It's about being a role model and setting the example in all areas of your life.

This site is not about winning blog awards or popularity contests and I am not a writer with eloquent words and punchy buzz phrases.

Plain and Simple. It's about being accountable and standing out from the rest:

Being a great husband.

Being a strategic father.

Being a role model for your children, friends and co-workers.

Being disciplined and smart with your finances and creating abundance.

And living your life by a higher code of morals and values.

It's about designing a plan to attain self actualization and spiritual greatness.

These pillars are the bedrock to true character and do not change with society or the latest trends. The journey to become a Legacy Dad is not an easy one and each person progresses at their own pace.  For this reason few will take this journey or go the distance.

But for the special 10% that commit to go the distance, you will look back on your life and know that no stone was left unturned, no "what-ifs" remain unchallenged and the rewards that come into the lives of your family will forever change their existence and create a family legacy.

The Pillars of Legacy Dad:

A Strong and Loving Marriage

Grace Based Parenting

Esse Quam Videri Character Traits

Navigator Leadership

Spiritual Morals as a Compass

              Financial Security and Abundance          

I was in search of authentic manhood and men who "walked the walk" as well as a Christian parenting style that led my children to true greatness. A style that created a close bond with my children, created a more dynamic and happy family, instilled Christian values and other life skills that my wife and I deemed important and prepared our children in a number of certain areas for life.

I wanted my children to grow up to become mature and experienced in the following areas:

Spirituality – Faith
Morals and Values
Marriage and Relationships
Finances and Investing

I was confused and I wanted a process, a map to follow to help this style of parenting along. I wanted my children to have rights of passage, to learn “real world” values and to culminate in a Legacy Crossover, where my children were now congratulated on their progress and reassured they were ready for the world.

This led to my wise grandfather and a treasure chest of knowledge and wisdom accumulated from decades of experience and leaders. My grandfather begin to mentor and teach me but soon into the journey, God took him home. I then received his journal and clues to the rest of the teachings.  As a tribute and continued study I started Legacy Dad to share this wisdom with other fathers who also had these same questions.

The ultimate goal of Legacy Dad is to create this in our children:

Security in their Hearts

Significance in their lives

Strength for the future

The "Real" Essential Life Skills

Spiritual Morals as A Compass

I invite you to come along for the ride and learn from my successes and failures as well as learning from those who have walked before us and picking up great nuggets of wisdom to apply in all areas of your life.

I am by no means all knowing or an expert.  I am just a guy, a husband and father, with the goal of attaining True Greatness and having some friends to come with me.

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