Unplugging in Twilight Country

IMG_0394 This weekend, our family unplugged and had our annual family shareholders meeting in the area where they film the infamous Twilight movies.  No phones, no computers, no TV.  A log cabin and time alone to think, talk and plan.  It's amazing how complex and overly commercialized our lives have become.  Do we really need need the latest 4G network ? Do we really need 3D TV?  Or are we just filling our lives with distractions so we don't have to face our ultimate problems and responsibilities? IMG_0342       

This weekend we lived in a 800 square foot log cabin with only a fireplace and a radio for amusement.  Well that and hundreds of acres of Temperate Rain forest and miles of beautiful beaches. Do we really need more?  This weekend our family unplugged but became in-tune with each other again.  We all talked, shared and made it a priority to focus our attention on each other.

IMG_0412 We also talked about the future and what lay ahead for our family and our children.  Both of children begin a two-year Bible study this week (led by my wife and I) that instills in them a biblical world view and prepares them to be adults in the church.  We discussed what this meant, how it would require homework and lessons as well as why it ultimately is crucial to have in life.  

We also talked about the next five years and our family plan.  My future career progression, my wifes graduate degree program and our son entering the first phase of the Legacy Dad process this year.  Everyone seemed easier talking about these topics after such a wonderful weekend together.  Our kids were much more mature and understanding of having to possibly move again, my wife's long hours of study and the rewards of the Legacy Dad process.  Just a side note, we don't call it the Legacy Dad process with our children but the Family Legacy.   IMG_0351

We also reflected on how far our family has come in the past 7 years not only in miles but in quality of life, spiritual maturity and morals and values.  We all agreed that we were content and that we should not spend any more time or money to chase frivolous things or to try to keep up with the Joneses.  Maybe it's because I just finished Donald Miller's A Million Miles in a Thousand Years but I feel as if it's time to write the next chapter in our Story.  This new chapter will have you on the edge of your seat and witnessing first hand what it takes to raise spiritual champions.  Stay tuned.