Top 10 Signs that you are a true disciple of Christ

Often you will hear a man of God say to you that if you really want to know where Jesus stands in someone's life - open their checkbook.  Other men say that when you look on a person then you should see more of Jesus and less of that person to see a true disciple of Jesus. toptenWith that being said, What are the top 10 Signs of being a true disciple of Jesus Christ?

1. The disciple shows his/her love for Christ (by keeping his word and commandments close to his/her heart - not just hearing the words but doing what they say).

2. The disciple abides in this love of Christ (signs of peace and of patience and of true kindness)

3. The true disciple bears the fruit (Read Galatians 5)

4. The disciple is in fellowship with the Spirit, the Word and daily meditates on the word paving God's pathway for the disciple every day

5. The disciple bears witness for what God has done for him (sent His only Son to die for our sins - Jesus is the way, the truth and the life...)

6.  The disciple is a friend of Jesus, that is, the disciple just doesn't know who Jesus is, rather, the disciple calls Him friend

7. The disciple believes in the power of prayer.  Prays continually and trusts that not their will be done - but God's will be done.  The Lord gives and He takes away but blessed be His name

8. The disciple bears joy in all situations (even through trial and tribulation the disciple will exude pain and suffering and emotional suffering, but will ultimately find the joy of the Lord)

9. The disciple exudes the truth behind Romans 12 and Colossians 3

10.  The disciple is humble and repents when necessary.  The disciple is able to discern good from evil and flees the course of evil at all times.
What are your some of your top 10?