The Secret to Life

We live in a world that tells us everyday things that should be contrary to our central core beliefs as Christians.  Whether you are watching TV or viewing your Apple instrument or driving down the expressway reading billboard signs, there is a constant bombardment of advertisements telling us that it is all about us and how much we need to have in order to get by in this world.  Really?  Let’s see if that measures up with what Scripture has to say…

I remember way back when, there used to be this TV show that was called the “Great American Hero” where this odinary man is given this suit and has extraordinary powers.  The only problem is that he and his government partner do not have the instruction manual.  They have to go through life and do things by trial and error.  The difference between that show and our daily christian lives is that we do have an instruction manual that is sharper than any two edge sword and able to cut bone from marrow.  This manual (God’s word) is able to help navigate our lives through our daily walks.

The bible is clear on greed and idolatry – avoid it at all costs!  As we mature as christians the goal and desire should be to mature and to go and make disciples being content in what God has given each and every one of us.  This contentment (biblical contentment) is what I like to refer to as the “Secret to life” in Scripture.

When we change our focus on things we want versus things that we only need, then we can boldy look forward to the ways of this world growing slowly dim and look into the light of our Savior.  To God be the glory forever and ever, Amen!


If you are looking for a group to connect and sharpen each other, then I would encourage each and everyone of you to join a mini-church or a women or men’s group to confess and share and to free ourselves from the chains of sin and addiction.