The Life List #51.

The Life list – Things You Have To Do Before You Die presented by Legacy Dad and Outside Magazine

It's Time to expand your bucket


"The weightlessness you get with skiing is really intoxicating," says Klaus Obermeyer, the 90-year-old Bavarian founder of Obermeyer ski apparel. He became hooked on skiing in his alpine village at the age of three, using boards made out of orange crates. Since moving to Aspen in 1947, Obermeyer has missed only a handful of days on snow. "The days you miss don't come back," he says. Until recently, he liked to rip down black diamonds skiing the same speed as his age—yes, at 85, he was clocked going 85 miles per hour. But these days, Obermeyer sneaks out of his office to carve graceful turns: "They're fast and sweet and smooth and wonderful," he says, which is a lot like his view on life: "Love whatever you do, because love gives you positive energy. And embrace the wonderful gift of your body. I'm 90 and still building muscles."