The Life List # 49

The Life list – Things You Have To Do Before You Die presented by Legacy Dad and Outside Magazine

It's Time to expand your bucket

49. Climb the Grand Teton

 You'll breathe hard. You'll be scared. It'll take two days. That's the appeal: This iconic, 13,770-foot fang of granite is tough and technical--but still a reasonable goal, even if you're a rock rookie. The ascent itself begins with a seven-mile approach on the lower saddle of the Grand Teton. Your team will rise before dawn the next morning to begin a series of roped-up pitches that are moderately difficult (from 5.4 to 5.7) and stunningly exposed. Chances are you'll tag the summit before noon and savor some 360-degree views over Wyoming and Idaho, then it's down, down, down to the base.