Broken Arrow

One of the perks of being a Legacydad writer is a website called RightNow.org in which I can listen to books and messages by various speakers.  I am currently listening to the sermon series by Pastor Tony Evans called Meaningful Manhood.  Questions like why are we hear and what the men should be doing along their path of manhood.  This is a very good sermon series and he begins by quoting from the movie with Mel Gibson "We Were Soldiers" based on a true story of the US Army in Vietnam. [youtube id="TqKLtp6MRv4"]

At one point, when the Colonel is overrun by enemy troops, instead of evacuating the leader from safety, which is want the brass back home wants them to do, the Colonel (played by Mel Gibson) calls for Broken Arrow.  From the website www.military.com, we read this, "Before dawn, Moore orders his company commanders to meet him prior to an attack to rescue the still cut-off platoon. Before this meeting takes place, the PAVN launch a heavy attack which shatters the early morning stillness like a huge explosion. The attack is carried out by the 7th Bn, 66th Regiment and the H-15 Main Force Viet Cong Bn.  C Company of the Cavalry Battalion bears the brunt of the assault and is soon involved in hand to hand combat. The right portion of D/1/7 is also struck. The code word "Broken Arrow" is sent out over the radio by the Battalion Forward Air Controller. Within minutes, all available fighter bombers in South Vietnam are headed for X-ray to render close air support to "an American unit in grave danger of being overrun". A 3 hour battle that features non-stop 105mm artillery, aerial rockets, and determined American Infantrymen, results in Charlie Company holding it's ground in a stunning display of personal courage and unit discipline. But it pays a terrible price - no officers left and only 49 men unhurt. 42 officers and men killed; 20 wounded. Scores of slain North Vietnamese and their weapons litter the bloody battleground."

When we take a look at our daily jaunts of life as husband, father, employer (employee), church member, citizen then we have to ask ourselves these questions:


  • Do I believe in the word of God as the whole truth and nothing but the truth?
  • Do I believe that God is Sovereign?
  • Do I believe in Good and that there is evil?
  • Do I believe in Spiritual Warfare?
  • Do I believe in the saving and redemptive power of Jesus Christ?


If you answered these questions, like me, then you answered yes and most definitely yes to all of them.  (if you did not, please private message me to dante@legacydad.com and we can chat further). If you agree, then keep reading please.  Jesus Christ calls each and every one of us to disciples - being his disciples.  I do not want to mislead you, there is a cost discipleship, no doubt, how we spend our time, talent and treasure will be measured by Jesus Christ at his Judgement Seat.

What are these costs:


  • We no longer own everything (everything belongs to God)
  • We no longer have excuses (read Luke 14)
  • We no longer use terms such as "I" and "Me" (instead we use "May His Will be done")
  • We no longer are selfish
  • We have to consider the cost before we can truly follow
  • We have to not only "hear" the words of the Bible, but he wants us to do what they say!
  • Doing what is right (even when others do not see what we are doing)!

Sometimes, as men, we get caught into the daily struggles and routines of our lives.  The pressures, the stresses, the monotony of life:

  • We forget to date our wives
  • We forget to pursue our wives
  • We need to spend my quantity (instead of just quality) with our kids
  • We need to be more involved at home and at the church (it's not just about the $$$)

What sin, what circumstance and what situation(s) is holding us back from true discipleship?  How can we change this?  What needs to be done?

More to follow,









What Jesus did (for you)

 The 10 Commandments of the Old Testament:  Remember that whether you live by your own standards of life, or by the standards set forth by the living Word of God, then you have to believe that evil does not prevail.  That people have to answer to a higher "source".  Some call it "karma" while others call it the inherit code of law that is engraved in each one of our DNA.  Whether you believe it or you don't, one thing is for sure, no question, is that everyone will have to give an account - will have to testify that there is a God.   If you can read this and agree with it, then we can look at what's God's law was for those of us that are under the curse (the original sin) and remember that if we are guilty of one transgression of the law, then we are guilty of them all.  Here is the list of the Old Testament:

New Living Translation

Then God gave the people all these instructions:


1. You must not have any other god but me.

2.  You must not make for yourself an idol of any kind or an image of anything in the heavens or on the earth or in the sea. You must not bow down to them or worship them, for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God who will not tolerate your affection for any other gods. I lay the sins of the parents upon their children; the entire family is affected—even children in the third and fourth generations of those who reject me. But I lavish unfailing love for a thousand generations on those who love me and obey my commands.

3. You must not misuse the name of the Lord your God. The Lord will not let you go unpunished if you misuse his name.

4. Remember to observe the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. You have six days each week for your ordinary work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath day of rest dedicated to the Lord your God. On that day no one in your household may do any work. This includes you, your sons and daughters, your male and female servants, your livestock, and any foreigners living among you. For in six days the Lord made the heavens, the earth, the sea, and everything in them; but on the seventh day he rested. That is why the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and set it apart as holy.

5. Honor your father and mother. Then you will live a long, full life in the land the Lord your God is giving you.

6. You must not murder.

7. You must not commit adultery.

8. You must not steal.

9. You must not testify falsely against your neighbor.

10. You must not covet your neighbor’s house. You must not covet your neighbor’s wife, male or female servant, ox or donkey, or anything else that belongs to your neighbor.

The Commandments of Jesus: What Did Jesus Teach About the Ten Commandments?

By COGwriter


Commandment 1 "You shall worship the LORD your God, and Him only you shall serve" (Mat 4:10). "You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and the great commandment" (Mat 22:37). "

Commandment 2 "You shall worship the LORD your God, and Him only you shall serve" (Mat 4:10). "You shall worship the LORD your God, and Him only you shall serve" (Luke 4:8). "God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth" (John 4:24).

Commandment 3 "Therefore I say to you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven men" (Mat 12:31). "For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts,...blasphemies. These are the things which defile a man" (Mat 15:19-20).

Commandment 4 "What man is there among you who has one sheep, and it falls into a pit on the Sabbath, will not lay hold of it and lift it out? Of how much more value then is a man than a sheep? Therefore, it is lawful to do good on the Sabbath" (Mat 12:11-12). "And pray that your flight may not be in winter or on the Sabbath" (Mat 24:20); there would be no reason to pray this if the Sabbath was not going to be in existence. "And He said to them, 'The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath. Therefore the Son of Man is also Lord of the Sabbath'" (Mk 2:27); this verse tells all who will see which day is the Lord's Day

Commandment 5 "For God commanded saying, 'Honor your father and your mother' and 'He who curses father or mother, let him be put to death'" (Mat 15:4). "Honor your father and your mother" (Mat 19:19). "Honor your father and your mother" (Mk 7:10). "Honor your father and your mother" (Mk 10:19). "You know the commandments:...Honor your father and your mother" (Luke 18:20).

Commandment 6 "You have heard that it was said to those of old, 'You shall not murder', and whoever murders will be in danger of the judgment. But I say to you that whoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment" (Mat 5:21-22). "For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders...These are the things which defile a man" (Mat 15:19-20). "You shall not murder" (Mat 19:18). "...murders...All these evil things come from within and defile a man" (Mk 7:21,23). "Do not murder" (Mk 10:19). "You know the commandments:...Do not murder" (Luke 18:20).

Commandment 7 "You have heard that it was said to those of old, 'You shall not commit adultery'. But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart" (Mat 5:27-28). "But I say to you that whoever divorces his wife for any reason except sexual immorality causes her to commit adultery; and whoever marries a woman who is divorced commits adultery" (Mat 5:32). "For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts...adulteries, fornications...These are the things which defile a man" (Mat 15:19-20). "And I say to you, whoever divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another, commits adultery, and whoever marries her who is divorced commits adultery" (Mat 19:9). "You shall not commit adultery" (Mat 19:18). "...adulteries, fornications...All these evil things come from within and defile a man" (Mk 7:21,23). "Whoever divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery against her. And if a woman divorces her husband and marries another, she commits adultery" (Mk 10:11-12). "Do not commit adultery" (Mk 10:19). "Whoever divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery; and whoever marries her who is divorced from her husband commits adultery" (Luke 16:18). "You know the commandments: Do not commit adultery" (Luke 18:20). "'Teacher, this woman was caught in adultery'...And Jesus said to her...'sin no more'" (John 8:4,11). "Indeed I will cast her into a sickbed, and those who commit adultery with her into great tribulation" (Rev 2:22).

Commandment 8 "For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts...thefts...These are the things which defile a man" (Mat 15:19-20). "You shall not steal" (Mat 19:18). "It is written, 'My house shall be called a house of prayer', but you have made it a den of thieves" (Mat 21:13). "...thefts...All these evil things come from within and defile a man" (Mk 7:22-23). "Do not steal" (Mk 10:19). "You know the commandments:... Do not steal" (Luke 18:20).

Commandment 9 "Again you have heard that it was said to those of old, 'You shall not swear falsely, but shall perform your oaths to the Lord. But I say to you, do not swear at all" (Mat 5:33-34). "For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts...false witness...These are the things which defile a man" (Mat 15:19-20). "You shall not bear false witness" (Mat 19:18). "Do not bear false witness" (Mk 10:19). "You know the commandments:...Do not bear false witness" (Luke 18:20). "And you have tested those who say they are apostles and are not, and have found them liars" (Rev 2:2).

Commandment 10 "Do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on" (Mat 6:25). "For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts...These are the things which defile a man" (Mat 15:19-20). "...covetousness...All these evil things come from within and defile a man" (Mk 7:22-23).

"I have kept My Father's commandments" (John 15:10).

So it is clear that Jesus taught everyone of the ten commandments and that he also kept them.



[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRqXOaWUdVM]

Therefore, what did Jesus do for you?  Listen to the song, again, at the beginning! Blessings, Dante

What are you thankful for...?

This past Saturday, I had the privelege to be a bystander and watch and listen to a group of men that really made me appreciate our men's ministry. First of all, the morning started with a few songs led by a guy who wanted us to start the day out with praise and worship a while ago. The last song that he played (we sang) was from Jesus Culture called One Thing Remains. It was powerful to listen to words that are not about us, but about who made us and who loves us more than we ever could. The two facilitators that morning decided that the group was just too big for everyone to share, so they split the group up and we discussed our lives and the Bible verses we read and what each meant to us. It was a great morning and a powerful morning. Holiday weeks can be a bit taxing with everything going on and since my mother died back in March, I, for the life of me, cannot catch up with all the paperwork and responsibility that comes with responsibility of being the executor and my father living in assisted living. That being said, I have been really thankful for my family. First of all, for my wife, Kate, who loves me no matter what I do - you see we married each other for better or for worse - no "ifs" "ands" or "buts"...When we said "We do" we meant it. I am thankful for that.

I am thankful for our three wonderful children that God has blessed us with.  I love the way that God has made each of them and I appreciate how much they show me how much God must love me!

I am thankful for my friends that I pray for. When I first got into ministry I prayed for spiritual friends like I have today, I am thankful for that.

Today, even in my own personal trials and tribulations, I am thankful!

What about you?  What are you thankful for?



LEGACY 'N 'LECTRONICS...Should we just let it happen and "go with the flow?" Let the kids of our legacy build a life on two-dimensional media or figure out how to force traditional concepts and physical relationships as lead values for our young fathers and their children. This is the "old man" of the Legacy Dad cohort writing (or, "fussing") after getting his first (and last?) smart phone.


The independent streak built into the American character by our wild west heritage can work against best practices fathering. We need help, but books, conferences, and pastors' declarations don't fill the bill. This weekend, Legacy Dads, the three of us, are meeting to bond, to encourage, to share and to grow our fathering savvy. Join us.


Your heart sometimes just won't stay still as you think of the children of your legacy and the challenges and the troubles they'll face. So you pray. They run, they play, they bump into things and owies are abundant. So you pray. They do bad things and you wish for them better. So you pray. We talk about "Grandmother's Prayers." Fathers and grandfathers pray, too. The effect is an investment in their legacy.


Life insurance is all about preparing your legacy for the future. That's why your legacy is Life Insurance. Popped into my head after a morning on T and FB and other blogs. Why? Because of the law of thermodynamics. Expanding universe and growing human and earth history means the energy comes from somewhere. My vote is the slowing pace of Hope in the future is what’s being lost to the universe. WAIT, that's all wrong.

MODEL Just One LEGACY Trait: Which One?

If I had one character trait to instill, this would be it. As I see it, from any culture or generation, INTEGRITY is the keystone. Holds all the other vital character assets in place. It's like the keystone on top of the doorway arch. Entrance is permitted so long as the keystone--as long as INTEGRITY--is in place.