Summer Fitness and Infomercial Mania

So everyone wants to get in shape and look good for the summer, I am athletic but can always lose a few pounds and tone up. 

We haven't had cable living overseas and thus no infomercials trying to sell the latest gadgets and programs.  Late one night I got sucked into this P-90X commercial and decided to give it a try. 

Now understand for my job I run three times a week and do upper body and ab workouts frequently so I was skeptical on buying anything especially from an infomercial...but I have been pleasantly surprised at this program. 

P90X incorporates muscle group workouts, abs, cardio, stretching, yoga, plyometrics and kenpo. 

I lift weights and run but some of these areas were new to me and were very challenging (yoga and plyometrics)

So far I am impressed and I'm well on my way to looking good for the summer. 

Combine this with a good diet like Men's Health Ab's Diet, which actually allows you to eat more frequently and not starve yourself, and you have a great workout program. 

So far my vote is a thumbs up for P90X.