Post G.R.I.T

For those of you that were not able to attend our G.R.I.T 2017 Conference here is what you missed:

  • Friday Night Worship
  • Testimonies (from 3 Men)
  • Lance Speaking
  • More Worship
  • Delicious Food
  • Saturday Morning Worship
  • Breakfast fit for a King
  • 3 Breakout Sessions (1- Purity 2- Legacy and 3- Disicpleship
  • Panel of Speakers
  • More Worship
  • Brotherhood

The Spirit of the Lord was there and we believe that He was honored through humble men.  Men real in their walks and in their faith striving to be the man that God calls them to be.  There were ordinary everyday working men, there were soldiers, sons, fathers, grandfathers and veterans.  There were pastors, deacons and elders.  There were men desiring to find God's plan for their lives and what He calls us to do.

The weekend went fast and both Lance and I taught one of the breakouts on discipleship.  It was a great weekend and the men that came and the servant volunteers who gave so much of their time, talent and treasure in making this event real.

As we process this weekend and the lives that were impacted we will be unpacking what we heard and saw and how lives Gathered, were Restored, were Ignited and Transformed through this weekend.  It is humbling to watch God move and to see lives and men change.

It is an honor to serve other men and in doing so, serve God's call to disciple other men.  We are not called to be mediocre nor are we called to be lukewarm in our faith.  We are called to be bold, in love, and to renew and transform our minds to serve God.

It is easy to come to a conference like this and to be charged and excited and then to come back into your daily grind and continues as you were once before.  It is another thing, things that men of God take seriously, to step out into faith and trust God to move into your lives.  Draw nearer to Him and He will draw nearer to you- this is His promise.

When the world looks at you, your life and perhaps your marriage - does the Gospel of Christ shine through?  If not, why not?

Blessings, D