Majoring in the Minors

Something a mentor told me many years ago now when I was a young, arrogant guy was  "Lance, stop majoring in the minors." 

Today, this man retired in his early 40's and spends his time speaking and finding new investments. 

What he meant was don't put so much time into areas that will yield minimal results.  Ecb6520a9a22426bacaca59c3c98e157

These things could be:

A Slowlane Job
Mindless hobbies

Most people spend a majority of their lives and time working endlessly in areas that will yield minimal results.  I guess this is okay if your plan is for mediocrity?

For instance, Dr. Thomas Stanley's study on the country's wealthiest people revealed that the top traits of high income earners was:

Honesty, Vision, Risk Taking, and People Skills

How many college courses have we taken on these areas? 

I would also list these as the top areas that pay huge dividends:

Self Development
Finances - Investing

How much time to we put toward these areas? Hum....

It's funny that these areas are the ones that usually can cause the biggest pain or greatest pleasure in our lives yet we focus so little time on learning and developing these areas? 

Now does this mean become some all work no play type of person, no.  I just think we need to seriously look at where we spend a majority of our time. 

The next step for our Developing Your Bucket List project is to see where we spend our time, if you do the exercise, the results will not only amaze you, but sicken you as well.