Legacy Dad Meets Reality

When Dreams Steal Our Time

This blog and my principles are a hypothesis, a work in progress and this blog is designed to be the chronicle of this process.Here is a real world dose of life.

My wife and I had an argument recently about spending time on the computer, writing, researching, whatever.She says “I feel like you’re having an affair with your computer!”You see, my wife does not like the computer, she uses it for email and such but she is not an internet socialite.She does not attend forums, blogs or read articles online.

I however look to network and socialize with people online who have similar goals, dreams and interests of my own, this also creates friction.To my wife, this is connecting possibly intimately with other people (some women) that share similar goals and passions and this is threatening to my wife.

My wife supports our financial goals but she is not reading the Wall Street Journal or looking at the latest Apartment Complexes for sale, that is just not her thing and I respect that.

The problem lies in the balance of time.

If I spend 3 hours a night trying to say start my own web blog, this detracts from family time and time with my spouse and now it becomes competition.I am a Type A personality so when I start something, I tend to go on all 8 cylinders firing hard until the mission is complete.

So the solution is a balance of time, I have to balance time to pursue my dreams and goals with family and marriage time.I have to understand that my wife and family come first and make sure that dreams don’t come before them.

I have now made the commitment to limit my personal time to 1 hour per night, after family and marriage time.We’ll see in the coming weeks if this improves the situation?